Another Foreign Collaboration From Tosyalı

  Another foreign collaboration from Tosyalı

The Holding is going on a value added recycling attack with American company Harsco!

 Following Toyo Kohan, the leading iron and steel company in Japan, Tosyalı Holding has made a sensational collaboration with the American Company Harsco quoted in New York Stock Exchange.

The two giants are getting ready for contributing in the Turkish industry and economy by recycling the inactive slag which is stored in their iron and steel plants into value added products.

  Turkey’s global iron and steel leader Tosyalı Holding continues its works in sustainability as well as its investments which add value to Turkish economy. Making a significant collaboration with the CAMP HILL, PA global industry company Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC) in that respect, the Holding has announced that they founded a new joint venture at Tosçelik plants in Osmaniye for metal recycling services and slag sales.

Following the big collaboration with the Japanese Toyo Kohan, Tosyalı Holding has succeeded in bringing American Harsco to Turkey. Being among the largest iron and steel industry suppliers with its experience of a century, Harsco Corporation offers services as technology partner for a cleaner and productive metal manufacturing. The company, which offers effective solutions to turn production waste streams into useful commercial use, continues its operations in more than 30 countries.

 With this agreement with Tosyalı Holding, Harsco has entered in the Turkish steel manufacturing sector for the first time. This agreement supports Tosçelik’s target to become the first plant in Turkey to create a world class solution for metal recycling and whole sale. With its annual manufacturing capacity over 50 million tons, Turkey remains the second largest steel manufacturer of Europe after Germany.


 Tosyalı Holding Chairman of Executive Board, Fuat Tosyalı has made the following statement about this important collaboration: “In addition to disposal of slag, which is one of the fundamental problems of Turkish steel industry, we aim to benefit from our partner’s experience of over 100 years for recycling this waste to be used again in the Turkish economy. With the success of this plant in Osmaniye, which will be an example project, we will continue to work with our partner to increase the number of slag disposal plants in other parts of our country. In addition, slag storage requirements will be minimized by means of recycling 1.2 million tons slag annually and both metal recycling and using aggregates as raw materials in road construction, cement and fertilizer production. As Tosçelik, we are showing our determination in that matter with another environmental friendly project following the solar power investment that we are planning to engage within 2017.”

 Head of Harsco Metals & Minerals Department, Chris Whistler said; “This collaboration is a proof of our belief in Turkish economy and Tosyalı Holding’s global power. Since they gave a strong belief in partnership with experts throughout the world, we believe that we will have a long and progressive relationship with Tosyalı Group. Our shared objectives are completely in line as creating long term value and mutual success.”

  About Tosyalı Holding

One of the leading industrial groups both in Turkey and the world, Tosyalı Holding remains to be the leader steel pipe manufacturer of the world and second largest steel pipe manufacturer of Europe. Tosyalı Holding continues its operations in 18 plants in Turkey, Algeria and Montenegro with more than 6000 employees in total. After commissioning 1.2 million ton capacity construction iron plant in Algeria in 2013, the company commissioned the 600.000 ton capacity wire rod plant as the 2nd phase in 2015. 1.2 million ton capacity cold rolling and plating flat established in Osmaniye by Tosyalı-Toyo Çelik A.Ş. which was founded with the collaboration of Tosyalı with Japanese Toyo-Kohan has started production and the construction of pellet and DRI plant with 4 million ton capacity, which is the third phase investment called “Mega Project” continues in Algeria. The plant will begin production in the first half of 2018. In addition, it is planned that the construction iron rolling mill which is one of the first stages of the 3rd phase investment is commissioned in the second half of 2017. In the production plant which is under construction, it is aimed that approximately 2 million tons construction iron are produced annually and total construction road production is increased to 3.5 million tons per year.

 About Harsco Metals & Minerals

Harsco has started its operation in 1850s by offering slag disposal services to steel manufacturers. Later, it has extended its operations with on-site logistic-service network with the purpose of offering solutions which provide productivity in raw material and product management. With approximately 12.000 employees, Harsco offers unique logistic and environmental solutions to its customers in its sector.

Harsco Metals & Minerals offers effective services to its customers as technology partner for cleaner and more productive metal production and turn production waste streams into useful commercial use. Operations of Harsco, which is traded at New York Stock Exchange, covers approximately 140 customers in more than 30 countries.