Japanese Technology Leader in Steel in Turkey with Tosyalı Holding

A cooperation agreement was signed between Tosyalı Holding, Turkish private sector's leader flat steel and steel pipe producer and Toyo Kahan among Japan's leading companies in steel products produced with high technology. In this framework 51 percent of Tosyalı–Toyo Çelik A.Ş., which shall be founded with the support of the Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency will belong to Tosyalı Holding and 49 percent to Yoyo Kohan.

In the complex which shall be built in Osmaniye subsequent to the completion of feasibility studies, hot rolled sheets of our country's first private sector flat steel producer Tosçelik shall be used.

The products to be produced with Tosyalı-Toyo partnership and which shall be used in a broad range from automotive to domestic electrical appliances, from informatics products to beverage cans will meet the needs of not only Turkey, but also of a broad geography ranging from Europe to the Caucasus, from the Middle East to Northern Africa.

The agreement for this important cooperation was signed on February 2, 2012 by the Fuat Tosyalı, Chairman of the Board of Tosyalı Holding and Sumida Hirohiko, Business Development Director of Toyo Kohan.

The goal is to become a power in global scale
Fuat Tosyalı, Chairman of the Board of Tosyalı Holding who said they were aiming to become a power in global scale in the steel sector said: "We are taking care to meet the needs of the market with new technological and realize production to a high quality. The cooperation we shall make with Toyo Kohan is important in this respect. The facilities which we shall build in Osmaniye shall be a reflection of our valuable partner's innovative approach and understanding of quality. We are much happy because we shall be removing our country's external dependence in high technology steel products."

Fuat Tosyalı continued as follows: "While the investments which we shall make as the result of our cooperation shall create new areas of employment, on the other side, with they shall meet a need of our country which is entirely imported from within the country. Thus we shall be making a greater contribution in the reduction of current deficit."

"We shall open to new markets from Turkey"
Sumida Hirohiko, Business Development Director of Toyo Kohan, on the other hand, who stated that the steel sector in Turkey was rapidly growing in parallel with industrialization noted the following: "Toyo Kohan was established in 1934 as Japan's first platen tin manufacturer. Currently in the areas of electro-galvanizing, nickel coating, surface processed steel, chrome plating and film coated steel we are Japan's leading and the number one company with the world's higher production technology. In line with our aim to realize and investment targeting also the exports to Europe, Middle East and North African markets, we chose Turkey as a base. One of the most important reasons for this is that Turkey is not accepted as a rising value with its economic development and its position in the region. At the same time the rapid and strong growth which Tosyalı Holding made and the integrated production facilities it has were effective in this decision for cooperation. We will bring the higher technology to type and from here we shall open to new markets together with Tosyalı Holding."

Tosyalı Holding which is among Turkey's biggest industrial organizations in terms of total assets is known as İskenderun's first holding. Tosyalı Holding's roots date back to Tosyalı Ticaret which the father Şerif Tosyalı founded in 1952 to carry out tin stove pipes production and trading. With Fuat, Ayhan and Fatih Tosyalı brothers taking over the flag from their father in the 1990s the companies of the holding which entered a fast growth process are in leading positions in Turkey in their sectors. Tosçelik, the group's largest company is producing around 400 products of various dimensions and characteristics, foremost sensitive pipes and industrial pipes in the form of light – medium serial welded steel pipes and square, rectangular steel construction profiles, galvanized pipe, external polyethylene, internal concrete and internal-external epoxy coated spiral pipes. Leader of the Turkish pipe sector, Tosçelik started production in 2009 in Osmaniye Spiral Pipe Production Facilities, which is Turkey's highest capacity and most modern facility in its field and the Tosçelik Osmaniye Flat Steel Production Facilities which is the first flat steel production facility built from scratch by the Turkish private sector. The investment which enables the flat steel, imported until now, to be produced in Turkey makes a 1 billion dollar contribution annually in the reduction of Turkey's current deficit. Tosçelik, with this investment, not only produces its raw materials needs itself but when the port investment in the Erzin region is completed, will also garner important advantages with the exportation it makes to more than 70 countries. The facility which is among Turkey's first 5 in steel production with its annual 2 million ton liquid steel production capacity is also noted for its environmentalist characteristics. Additionally, in the ISO 500 listing Tosçelik is ranking 28th among Turkey's biggest industrial organizations according to 2010 figures.


About Toyo Kohan
Toyo Kohan sstarted operations in 1934 as Japan's first tin sheet manufacturer. The turnover of Toho Kahan which currently has investments in Japan, Malaysia, and China was realized as 1.5 billion USD Dollars in 2010. The company is providing employment for nearly 2.250 people.


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