In TOSÇELIK A.Ş., in order to evaluate your feedbacks in all subjects, a Feedbacks Handling Process has been created. This process is conformant with the requirements of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Quality Management System Standard.

 It is our basic policy to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with understanding of quality which will meet our customers' needs and changing expectations. Therefore, Tosçelik perceives its customers' feedbacks as an opportunity for developing and improving its processes.

 All your feedback on your suggestions, requests, criticism, thanks or in other subjects are recorded.


You may use the following means of communications for your feedback.

 By Post, Telephone, Fax and Personal application;


Addresss : Org. San. Böl. Sarıseki/İskenderun/Hatay

Tel : 0 326 656 28 90

Fax : 0 326 656 21 00


 Marmara Region

Address : Barbaros Mahallesi Sütçüoğluyolu Cad. Tosyalı Plaza No: 70 TR-34746 Yenisahra / Kadıköy / İstanbul

Tel : 0 216 544 36 00

Fax : 0 216 544 36 37


 Ege Region

Address : Anadolu Cad. No:40 Tepekule İş Merkezi Kat: 8 Daire: 807 Bayraklı / Karşıyaka / İzmir

Tel : 0 232 435 55 77

Fax : 0 232 625 11 43


 Çukurova Region

Address : Gazipaşa Bulvarı Çelik Apt. Bina No: 52 Kat:1 Daire:1 Seyhan / Adana

Tel : 0 322 458 98 04

Fax : 0 322 458 98 18


 Ankara Region

Address : O.S.B İş Merkezi 21. Cadde No:1/34 İvedik Organize Sanayi Yenimahalle / Ankara

Tel : 0 312 394 00 28

Fax : 0 312 394 77 30



 From the address  by completing the 'Customer Feedbacks” form in the communications or quality links. ( If you dont have ant pasword for E-is Portal, you can contact with Sales Specialist to registration.


All our customers' feedbacks are recorded on the same day, if received during business hours, and on the following day if received outside of business hours. The recording information is given to our customers, using the most appropriate communication means.

 Tosçelik addresses its customers' feedbacks in an effective and productive manner. Evaluations are realized in equitable, objective and impartial manner. All our customers' feedbacks are responded to.

 The process of evaluation of feedback is free.

 Customer Technical Services Engineer performs the initial examination and evaluation of the customer's feedback and determines the status of the feedback in terms of the seriousness, effect on security, complexity and need for immediate action criteria for the feedback. The Status is determined according to the following criteria.

 Urgent with Priority : It is the priority status at the high importance level which requires urgent intervention.

 Notices involving high risk regarding work health and safety.

Notices involving high risk regarding environmental safety.

High material damages notices.

Normal Priority : All other notices with a high importance level which do not require urgent intervention however, which need improvement.

For urgent with Priority feedbacks the time to respond in order for the decision to be informed to the customer and offering the solution is 1 day at most. For feedbacks of this nature an emergency Technical Visit is planned and the nonconformity is intervened.

 For normal priority feedbacks in order to be able to respond to the feedbacks and offer a solution as the result of the evaluation it may be requested from the customer that the customer is visited or various arguments may be requested from the customer regarding his feedback. The time to respond to normal priority feedbacks is at most 3 business days following the realization of the visit, when necessary, or the delivery of the requested arguments.

 After all the evaluations realized the answer to the customer regarding his feedback is given with the reasons explained by the Customer Technical Services Engineer through the most appropriate communication means. In the event any errors are found in our processes after the evaluation of the feedback corrective action is initiated for the concerned process in order to prevent the recurrence of the error.

 If the customer is not satisfied with the response of Toscelik, the complaint will not be closed. services may be obtained from impartial entities to verify the complaint or legal authority may be applied.


Tosçelik undertakes that it shall keep feedbacks received from its customers confidential and that in cases involving legal obligation it shall inform its customers before sharing information.