TosCelIk ProfIle and Sheet Ind. Co.


Tosyalı Holding has completed its integrated iron&steel complex installation in Osmaniye with its 1 billion dollars of investment at the end of 2009. The complex in the Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone consists of the steel mill where liquid steel production is done, the ingot production facility where the long product input material is produced, the slab production facility where the flat product input material is production, the hot sheet rolling mill where hot flat product is production, the oxygen production facility, the dedusting unit and the water purification facilities.

The contract for the facility has been made in Jan 2008 and first field activities have started in the beginning of April 2008. Its first intermediate production has been realized on July 14, 2009 in the steel mill and ingot production facilities. With the hot sheet mill and slab casting facilities starting trial production, all of the facilities have been commissioned as of end of November 2009 and the opening of our facilities was made on February 6, 2010 by our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with a ceremony participated by nearly 30000 guests.

This investment which enables the production of flat steel, currently imported from abroad, to be produced within Turkey is making a positive 1 billion dollar contribution to Turkey's current deficit. Our facility, which reached the level of annual 1.5 million tons of production with a very successful effort in the first years of its establishment, is aiming to produce 2 million tons annually in 2012. With the realized production figure in the year 2010, Tosçelik is among the first 5 facilities in Turkey.

The facility is also noted for its environmentalist features. With the de-dusting facility costing 20 million euros the dust and gas which would be emitted into the environment are absorbed. In this facility dust emission is at the rate of one-half of those in the European Union standards.

The investment has the character of being the first flat steel production facility built from scratch by the Republic of Turkey's private sector.

With the completion of Osmaniye investments the Tosyalı Group has become a facility, the first, in Turkey, and among the counted in the world, which can produce all products from the raw material from the pipe profile production which is the field product.


Within the company, the foundations of which were laid in 1997 in Iskenderun Organized Industrial Zone, the production of ERW welded industrial pipes and box profiles was started. Our company continuing with its projects and investments with each passing time has commissioned the Tosçelik Galvanized Pipe Production Facility in 2004 and the Tosçelik Natural Gas Pipe Production Facility, the investment of which was started in 2005, in the year 2007. As of the year 2012 it includes in its production matrix,  industrial pipes, water and gas pipes,  natural gas and line pipes meeting API Standard, petroleum drilling and casing pipes meeting API standards and square, rectangular, and special cross-section profiles.


The first investment work for our facility, holding the title of “Largest pipe factory in Europe built in one act”, started at the end of 2010. The first pipe production of this investment, realized on a 353.659 m2 land in the Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone was realized in the last quarter of 2011. Our company serving within the country and abroad, with the U.S.A., European Countries and Middle eastern countries at the forefront, with its giant facility, the investment of which is still continuing and which has the latest production technology, adding to its production matrix also the EPOXY, PE and PU coated pipes, sensitive and mechanical pipes, pressure purposes pipes, heat treated pipe and profiles, is getting ready to provide services to the sector in a broader range. Tosçelik Profil ve Sac Endüstrisi A.Ş.aiming not to leave any type of ERW pipe / profile product variety not produced in our country with the completion of the investments, is included in the 28th rank in the ISO 2010 first 500 companies listing as the leader of the Turkish Steel Pipe Sector and with his new investment it is foreseen to reach higher points in the year 2011-2012.


The investment of the annual 400.000 ton capacity Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Facilities the foundations of which were laid in April 2008 at the Osmaniye Facility on a 350.000 m2 area was completed in a short time of 1 year and have started production in April 2009. Our facility has a very broad production portfolio in the diameter range of Ø 16” –Ø 120” up to 38 meters, meeting all norms regarding spiral pipes with the API standards at the forefront. In the facilities, which have the newest production technology, additionally all kinds of internal and external protective coatings are applications and domestic and international specifications can be answered.