Tosyalı Ind. du fer Algeria Co.

Tosyali Algerie is one of the most important Iron & Steel producers of Algeria, located in industrial zone of Bethioua which is not far away from Oran, the second largest city of Algeria.

Initially, with 500 million dollars investment budget, Tosyali started its first production with the heavily demanded product; construction reinforcing bar (Rebar), in the second half of 2013. Since then, Tosyali is able to provide approximately the 28% of the total needs of Algeria in rebar product. At the same time, the company helped the country reduce its economic deficit with respect to rebar importation.

In addition, to help the Algeria balance the net deficit of the country, the production of the rebar product is assisting in the clean-up of the environment. The raw material of the rebar product is produced at the melt shop facility from local scrap metal. In this case, by using domestic sources, Tosyali helps the country to keep the environment clean by using the scrap cycling process.  

Furthermore, Tosyali Algeria has been creating over thousands of direct and indirect jobs and it has become not only one of the biggest producers of Iron & Steel product, but also a job creating power for the country. Right after the first stage of investments, Tosyali invested an additional 250 million dollars in order to build a rolling mill complex, which has a 500,000 tons wire rod production capacity per annum. The purpose of making the new complex was to reduce the wire rod importation of Algeria and create more jobs to help the local economy improve. Wire rod product, which is used as raw material to make wire mesh, nail, wire, screw and similar products, has been produced in the new facility since the second half of 2015. The production capacity meets the 60% of the total needs of Algeria in the wire rod product.

The existing investments didn’t cause Tosyali Algerie to halt investment; instead Tosyali moved forward with a third round of investment that it called the “Mega Project”. With an additional 1.6 billion dollars investment budget, after the completion of the Mega Project, the total investment would reach over 2.5 billion dollars. As a result of this investment, a new complex of rolling mill and steel making plant will join the production in the second half of 2017. Including the new factory of rolling mill, the rebar production capacity will increase to 3.2 million tons per year. The production of the raw material of the end product will be produced in the new complex of steel making plant, which is also scheduled to be completed by the second half of 2017. The plant that will have 2.2 million tons annual capacity of qualified liquid steel and qualified billets will be able to use cold DRI or Hot DRI as main raw material.

Meanwhile, the company will complete the DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) and the Pellet projects which will allow Tosyali to use mostly iron ore and less scrap metal in order to produce the raw material for the steel making plant. These Projects are scheduled to be launched by the end of 2017 and the first half of 2018, respectively. The pellet and DRI projects are very important in terms of improving the local economy and using the natural resources efficiently.